Author Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted using the Online Submission System on the Transformatika portal ( after registering as an Author in the "Register" section. Online submission procedures can be found at the end of this guide.

The author should use the manuscript template provided by Transformatika. Writing guidelines and templates can be downloaded at the following address

Template Transformatika Transformatika_Template.doc

Article submission and processing are free of charge Article Publication and Print Out: 550000.00 (IDR). Readers can read and download full-text articles for free.

Manuscripts sent to Transformatika Editor must follow the instructions for writing. If the article does not comply with this guide, it will be returned to the author without further review.

General provisions in Transformatika script writing are as follows:

Manuscripts written for Transformatika include the results of research in the fields of  Intelligent System and Internet of Things. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian and English.

  1. Transformatika does not accept manuscripts via email. Manuscripts must be sent through the web system. For those who have never registered, please register first.
  2. Manuscripts sent are * .doc files.
  3. The length of the script is expected not to exceed 15 pages.
  4. Writing the script must follow the rules provided in the Transformatika template.
  5. Writing the script is suggested by the structure section as follows: Introduction - Research Methods - Results - Discussion - Conclusions. A clear theorem does not need to be written, enough to be cited when needed. Evidence or theory that is unclear where the author makes it clear by developing it can be added after the introduction.
  6. Citation and bibliography used are prioritised over the past 5 years and come from reputable journals. The bibliography of the journal is at least 80% of what was written.
  7. When submitting a text, it is also required to send a statement of ethics to the publication and copyright agreement. The detailed ethics of publication can be read in this link. The ethics statement of the publication is expected to be read, followed and signed before being sent. The Publication Ethics Statement can be downloaded from this link
  8. Each text on Transformatika will be reviewed by a minimum of 1 reviewer with a Single-blind review system. All review processes are carried out online through the Transformatika web system, and the author can monitor the development of the manuscript through the web system.
  9. The time for each text to be sent until it is declared accepted by the Editorial Board will not be the same depending on the review process of each text. The Editorial Board cannot guarantee that the time is published with certainty when the author sends the new text.

Print inspection and editing are done by the editor and by involving the author.