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Posted: 2024-01-05

Dear readers and future authors


We are excited to announce that Philanthropy: Journal of Psychology is in the process of obtaining SINTA accreditation. In the spirit of reaching a wider and global readership through this new development, some changes will be made to the publication process.

Starting from 2024, Philanthropy: Journal of Psychology will only be publishing papers in English. However, we will continue accepting submissions in Bahasa Indonesia. Our committee will return the papers to its respective authors to be translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English once it has been accepted and before it is published.

We ensure that these changes are made for the betterment of all contributing authors, subsequently contributing to a global impact. We thank you for your continuous support towards Philanthropy: Journal of Psychology and we look forward to receiving your manuscript submissions in the near future!

Posted: 2024-01-02

New Issue Published: Volume 7, Number 2 (2023)


All articles in this issue (8 articles) were authored/co-authored.  8 Research Articles  by  8 authors  from 7 institutions  in  1 country.

We invite you to review the  Table of Contents  here and then visit our website to review the articles and items of interest.

Philanthropy: Journal of Psychology
Volume 7, Number 2 (2023)
Table of Contents

Posted: 2023-12-30