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Zakat is a religious “maaliyah ijtima’iyah”, worship associated with the
property, which has a position is very important to improve the welfare of the
community, if properly managed, trustworthy, transparent Shari'a compliant
Islamiyah, both collection and distribution. Suspected not optimal zakat because
the government does not have specific policies to make zakat as a source of state revenues. However, if the charity has shown remarkable function as a tool of poverty and pensejahtera pengentas people, the government could begin to look to charity as a major instrument in the nation's economy.

The problem in this research is the utilization of zakat what is appropriate
as the fight against poverty? And how is ideally Baznas utilization of zakat in
Central Java province attempted to alleviate poverty? The purpose of this study
was to determine the utilization of zakat is appropriate as the fight against
poverty, and to determine the utilization of zakat in Central Java province Baznas
strived for poverty alleviation.

The method used in this research is juridical empirical research, the
research refers to the norms and principles of law contained in legislation and
judicial decisions and adjusted to actual conditions. Specifications of this research is descriptive analytical research, a study that tried to illustrate the legal issues, legal and studying it or analyze it according to the needs of the research in question, namely on the Empowerment of charity as an effort to increase poverty.

The data analysis used is qualitative analysis, which, after collecting data,
processing is done, analyzing and constructing thoroughly, systematically
describes the relationship between different types of data. Further data is
completed and processed, and then analyzed descriptively. So as to provide a
solution to the problems in this study, which is about the Empowerment Zakat for
Poverty Reduction Efforts?  Baznas utilization of zakat in Central Java province is not suitable as reducing poverty. Because until now only zakat profession is maintained and only a couple of the Local Government Unit (SKPD) only in Central Java. Poverty is not just caused by natural factors alone, but also equitable development factors influence on this issue. One solution is to empower community-based charity. In effect, alleviating poverty is to alleviate the cause, either individuals or groups in society.


Utilization of charity; poverty alleviation; National Zakat Agency

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