E-Commerce Spectra (arsip)

E-Commerce Spectra is international journal to understanding and practice of electronic commerce. It serves the needs of researchers as well as practitioners and executives involved in electronic commerce. The Journal aims to offer an integrated view of the field by presenting approaches of multiple disciplines.

Electronic commerce is the sharing of business information, maintaining business relationships, and conducting business transactions by digital means over telecommunications networks. The Journal accepts empirical and interpretive submissions that make a significant novel contribution to this field. Such contributions may present:

  • experimental, theoretical, or survey-based research, relevant to the progress of electronic commerce
  • paradigmatic designs and applications
  • investigation of organizational, societal, and international issues of electronic commerce

Analytical attention is focused on the following issues:

  • The marketplace and organizational effects of e-commerce
  • Business and organizational transformation with e-commerce
  • Business value in e-commerceInternet business models
  • Supply chain management and collaborative commerce
  • E-tailing and multichannel selling
  • Co-creation and consumer roles in e-commerce
  • Online communities
  • Social media and social networks
  • Economics of electronic commerce
  • E-commerce in business globalization
  • E-marketplaces
  • Marketing on the Web
  • M-commerce and pervasive computing
  • Digital product management and property rights
  • Security and privacy of transactions and information
  • E-commerce payment systems

Contributors are invited to  submit manuscripts  for publication in the E-Commerce Spectra