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Economics  and Business Solutions Journal  is an International Scientific Journal, published by Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Semarang (USM), Central Java, Indonesia. Economics  and Business Solutions Journal is intended to the national and international scholarly community. The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the lates outstanding developments in the field of economics and business. Articles published are the results of research, bringing the new sights (scope) on Economics,  Management and Business, and Accounting. Meanwhile, submitted papers are evaluated by double blind peer review for contribution, originality and relevance. Economics  and Business Solutions Journal are published twice a year in April and October (Regular Issues). It was first published in 2017.


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Vol 6, No 1 (2022): Economics & Business Solutions Journal

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Dyan Apriliani, Istiatin Istiatin, Sudarwati Sudarwati            
DOI : 10.26623/ebsj.v6i1.4981 | Abstract views: 9 times
PDF         PDF        
Adhi Widyakto, Lulus Prapti, Dian Triyani            
DOI : 10.26623/ebsj.v6i1.5043 | Abstract views: 10 times
Etik Yuliati, Istiatin Istiatin, Sudarwati Sudarwati            
DOI : 10.26623/ebsj.v6i1.5070 | Abstract views: 11 times
Adiba Rizka Salsabila, Irma Satya, Edy Suryawardana            
DOI : 10.26623/ebsj.v6i1.5071 | Abstract views: 22 times
Untitled         PDF         PDF        
Lorensia Octaviani Winoto, Dian Indu Dewi, Febrina Nafasati Prihantini            
DOI : 10.26623/ebsj.v6i1.5072 | Abstract views: 10 times