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Editor-in-ChiefDr. Andhy Tri Adriyanto, S.E., M.M
Managing EditorBonita Prabasari, S.Pd., M.Ak
PublisherFakultas Ekonomi , Universitas Semarang

SOLUSI : Journal of SOLUSI is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing novel research in the field of business and economic. Details on our focus and scope can be viewed here. 

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Vol 22, No 2 (2024): April

All articles in this publication (10 original research articles) were authored or co-authored by 22 authors from 4 university and 1 country: Indonesia.

Table of Contents


Adika Nurul Aulia Mulvi, Netania Emilisa            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8638 | Abstract views: 259 times
112 - 125
Leidya Meirina Sukmana, Susy Muchtar            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8992 | Abstract views: 127 times
126 - 138
Dinda Fitri Andari, Netania Emilisa, Tiara Puspa            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8993 | Abstract views: 131 times
139 - 152
Rani Kurnia Dewi, Bonita Prabasari            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8998 | Abstract views: 106 times
153 - 162
Rada Rada, Adhi Widyakto, Rr Lulus Prapti NSS, Dian Triyani            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8979 | Abstract views: 135 times
163 - 175
Putri Sakti Alma, Susy Muchtar            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.9003 | Abstract views: 277 times
176 - 186
Widyana Cici Rachmawati, Dian Indudewi            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.8639 | Abstract views: 131 times
187 - 196
Ika Swasti Putri, Naini Rizka Amalia            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.9011 | Abstract views: 170 times
197 - 207
Gilang Kharisma Putra            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.9062 | Abstract views: 121 times
208 - 214
Charisa Dian Islami, Susanto Santo            
DOI : 10.26623/slsi.v22i2.9027 | Abstract views: 346 times
215 - 226