Ade Pugara, Brian Pradana


Community-based tourism (CBT) is the most popular approaches in tourism development. The main principle of CBT is giving access to the community in tourism management and development equally. Furthermore, the main goal of CBT is creating community empowerment in tourism. Therefore, the community has competitive advantages to enhance tourism quality and keep it sustain (Hausler and Strasdas, 2003).

.In 2015 Ponggok received the village Annual Budget (Dana Desa) from the central government. Through that budget, the local government establish the Village Company (BUMDes), which is focusing on tourism development. In the tourism development, Ponggok attempt to use Pongok water springs as the main tourist attraction.. Based on these facts, this research wants to examine "is the successes of tourism development in Ponbgok Village belongs to Community-based tourism (CBT)"?. This research uses the deductive – qualitative – rationalistic method. The analytical techniques of this research are descriptive qualitative, comparative and contrast.

The tourism development of Ponggok appropriate to the principle, characteristic and dimension of community-based development. It allows the local community to control and involved in tourism management. Moreover, it attracts community empowerment and shares the benefit of tourism development to direct and indirect actors. In the current situation, all people have a job, and the number of poverty can be decreased significantly


Tourism; Development; Community

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