Implementasi Sanksi Pidana Penjara Dalam Waktu Tertentu Terhadap Pelaku Penganiayaan Ringan (Studi Putusan Nomor: 13/Pid.C/2021/PN.TJK)

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There are various crimes that are considered as a criminal act. Although most of the crimes that have been contained and regulated in the Criminal Code (KUHP) which expressly have the threat of criminal sanctions, crime is a form of human attitude that we must guard together in building an orderly and safe social life. One form of crime that often occurs around us is crime in the form of violence such as persecution. The research method in this study uses normative juridical research. Criminal responsibility in leading to criminal acts with a view to determining whether a defendant or suspect is responsible for a criminal act that occurred or not. Everyone who commits a crime does not automatically have to be punished. To be convicted there must be criminal responsibility. Persecution, which is an act that is against the law, is indeed all actions or actions committed by someone that result in himself. Regarding this ordinary persecution, it is a legal action that comes from an intentional act. This intentionality means that the result of an action is desired and it turns out that if the result is really meant by the act that causes someone pain, injury, resulting in death, but not all hitting or other acts that cause pain are said to be persecution.

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